The 3rd part of Gender equality through the screen activity was successfully implemented

Another successful project founded by Erasmus Plus program was held during 22- 30 of April in Prizren ,Kosovo. It was a youth exchange on the topic Gender Equality through the screen between eight different countries from Europe including Macedonia, Slovakia, Estonia, Hungary, Montenegro, Serbia, Albania and Kosovo.

The project was held by OAPA which is an local NGO from Prizren. The primary goal of this project was to address gender as an equality issue with positive approach to diminish the negative stereotypes and discrimination related to sex and/or gender.
Since each non-governmental organization sent five participants to represent their countries. The purpose of this youth exchange was to bring people together and to raise awareness, to discuss the problematics and come up with suggestions for a better portray of gender issues.

The project is focused on the importance of the media as a factor in the promotion of gender equality, both within the working environment and the representation of women and men. The project as a non-formal education had different activities like: Sharing their experiences from the societies where they live, activities that helped them to improve their knowledge and have different point of views for this topic.

The fourth and the last part of this project is going to be held in Vladichin Han, during 23rd till 29h of June, and it’s going to be a seminar with the same topic Gender Through the Screen.

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