Our association was created in 2008 by a group of young people from Tirana, Albania who wanted to contribute to the development of Albanian society and in the absence of developed channels of civil society co-operatoin be active in community life at local level. Since our establishment in 2008, our main focus was youth empowerment and promoting active citizenship through volunteering and youth work. Our members have participated in many European and international activities in the youth field, including youth exchanges, seminars and trainings within the EU Youth/Youth in Action programmes. The main aim of our association is to foster youth participation of young people in civil society, to bring social change, development and improvement of Albanian society.. We have been engaged in different youth activities as volunteers and during this period we have gained a lot of experience increasing our knowledge with a direct impact in our personal and social development. We work in local, national and European level engaging youngsters in different activities for many years now. The main areas of our work are: human rights education, inclusion, participation, citizenship, education and volunteering. . Our main target group that we work with is youngsters with fewer opportunities such as: youngsters from deprived urban and rural areas, youngsters from minority backgrounds (young Roma), youngsters who face social problems in their life (young people from „broken families). Main activity areas of Y4S are: youth campaigns, seminars, youth exchanges, training courses, flash mobs, and street actions, meetings with policy-makers and inspirational figures for young people. The experience accumulated in the past in implementation of youth exchanges, seminars, training courses and other activities has enriched our staff experience.

All board members and staff of Y4S organisation are university graduates and have several years of experience in youth and civil society work. We have full-time staff, working with day-to-day operations of Y4S and many young local volunteers who offer their help to organize different activities. The team who implement the project in our association are competent and experienced in project management, conflict resolution, creativity and leadership. Y4S in Albania has been working for almost eight years in the field of youth inclusion and has gathered great experience and developed concrete tools on how to work on grassroots level. Y4S is proficient in campaigns on raising the public awareness on ethnic minority problems and needs and in sharing information concerning positive actions for this target group.

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