OAPA is an NGO based in Prizren, Kosovo and operates mainly in the Prizren and Prishtina region where numerous ethnicities lives: Albanians, Serbians, Turkish, Roma and Bosnians. OAPA it is mainly focused on youth issues covering almost all fields, but it is particularly involved in work with marginalized groups, minority communities. Main aim of OAPA is empower young people, marginalized groups and enable them to actively participate in community life.

OAPA is running local projects focus on women empowerment, working with youth people on activism, developing their entrepreneur potential, empowering them as well as increasing their knowledge on their rights and possibilities through non-formal education and Erasmus + Programme based activities.  

Besides these activities OAPA advocates on youth issues to local and international organizations/institutions, supports youth organizations in terms of capacity building, with focus on youth marginalized groups (special needs people, women and minorities), organizes workshops and seminars on youth related issues and promotes rights of marginalized groups. OAPA has a significant experience in activities relevant to this application focusing on human rights and advocacy for human rights, significantly working in women empowerment and gender issues in its wide perspective.

OAPA already implemented two projects promoting rights of marginalized groups, more concretely young women. As partner organization OAPA has been involved in several projects tackling human rights and public awareness campaigns aiming to raise awareness on issues connected with discrimination and social exclusion that various groups (Roma, LGBTQ and youth coming from rural areas) are facing in Kosovo.  Women and young girls in our community and country do still face lots of discrimination, lack of participation, stereotyping and lots of these only get reinforced by the bias of media influence. This is why we initiated this project idea in international level to address gender issues as they are portrayed in the media word today and discuss ways and possibilities that we as youth workers can use to address this issues.

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