NGO Juventas is a non-governmental and non-profit organization founded on January 29, 1996 in Podgorica – Montenegro, where its main bureau is located. Juventas gathers high school and university students willing to employ their abilities for creating an open and prosperous society. Juventas works on three main groups of programs, which are as follows: youth program, harm reduction program and human rights program. Currently, Juventas has more than 100 members.

Activities of Juventas cover at least 10000 young people yearly and are highly valuated among them. Some of activities which are covered through our programmes are: promotion and protection the rights of youth ; improving health and health services for youth ; women and vulnerable groups ; promotion and protection of the rights and freedoms of LGBT population ; promotion of cultural values and the principles of sustainable development ; support of peace, tolerance, and peaceful conflict resolution; facilitating access to information and improving the quality of educational programs for youth ; development of critical thinking and a culture.

In our NGO there are professionals with different professional backgrounds, such as: social workers, psychologists, economists and politicologists. All of them have gained considerable experience in development of youth programs, or programs for vulnerable groups (women, drug addicts, LGBT, etc.). Also, recently our organization has hired 3 new interns who work as program assistants.

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