AEGEE-Budapest is a member of AEGEE-Europe, an independent international youth organization. Our members regularly participate in various youth conferences, exchange programs around Europe. Our organization also organizes international events of that kind, 2-3 times a year. We count around 200 student members, most of them travel abroad to participate different events every year or more often. The structure of our organization is democratic, with elections in every semester. We are not related to any specific field of study, students from all disciplines are welcome among our members.

Regarding the organization: AEGEE-Budapest has organized more than 30+ international events, including training courses, conferences, AEGEE-events: Agoras, Summer Universities, etc. Our members are active in local and European level as well.

Regarding the projects: Our organization has always emphasized the importance of professional trainings, so previously we have been partners in more than 20 quality Youth in Action events. We also organized an international Training Course for Trainers and trainings and exchanges have always been key priority for us. We think that the topic of the training is relevant and would help our members learn practical and professional materials. AEGEE-Europe strives for a democratic, diverse and borderless Europe, and we also have interest groups in the topic of environment. We also implement this topic on a local level, through our project named Get involved. Also, as a youth organization, we find it important to educate our members, so it would be essential to be able to be partners.

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