Continuous Action is organization that unites people interested in lifelong learning, cultural exchanges, learning motilities and voluntary service. The aim of our activity in and through Continuous Action is to enable the possibility of lifelong learning and to act within the boundaries of equal opportunities irrespective of gender, social status, economic situation, knowledge, education or age. In order to achieve the aims and tackle the obstacles, we develop and implement initiatives, projects and diverse actions at local and international level. We cooperate with other governmental and non-governmental organisations in order to promote mobility and lifelong learning opportunities, both in Estonia and abroad.

Continuous Action has been collaborating with organizations from different European countries but also with other partner countries from continents such as Africa, South and Central America and Asia. From 2006 we have successfully implemented different projects in the field of lifelong learning and initiated different projects in order to provide non-formal learning opportunities for different target groups. Since 2013 we have been working with method ‘social design’ and have carried out DesignLAB workshops.

People involved in the organization have already previous experience when coordinating and managing different international projects. Our team has professional background to work in the field of formal and non-formal education, NGO-s and CSO-s; pedagogy, social and youth work, adult education but also in administration and finance. Our competence, skills and previous experience includes working with people from different cultural backgrounds and with special needs as well as young people with less opportunities.

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