We are organization, which creates opportunities for young people who would like to be an active, try and learn something new and gain new experience and knowledge for personal and professional development. We believe that young people must become a driving force in building the society in which they live and therefore we create various opportunities in order to help shape a generation that is determined to change our country and the world for the better.

We are active in the field of youth and adult education as holders but also as partners of different projects in our country and abroad. We work both, on local and international level and our activities and projects include on international level: youth exchanges, trainings, seminars, conferences, simulations of international organizations.

Our team consists of several youth workers and youth leaders with various profiles. Management of our NGO has over 5 years of experience in NGO sector. We are experienced in preparing/ organizing and training different kind of projects and events. We have also broad experience with coordinating projects, communication with partners, selection of participants, preparation of participants for taking part in the projects, travel arrangements, assisting in logistic support and carrying out visibility and dissemination activities.

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