Gender through the screen Activity 4 – Seminar Vladicin Han (23-29June, 2018)

Erasmus+ project activity 4 of The gender Through the Screen project was scheduled to take place in Vladicin Han, Serbia on 23-29 June 2018. It gathered 24 participants from Kosovo, Albania, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Slovakia, Estonia and Hungary to learn the importance of gender issues as seen on mass media. How can youth workers influence the portrayal by influencing media reporting?


Each partner sent 3 participants aged 18-35 years old for a 6 days activity. The primary goal of this activity was to foster the active involvement of youth workers of any field to address gender issues and gender equality related to media.

During this project activities participants were able to improve existing skills and gain new ones. Through the planned workshops of each three activities participants improved their understanding of gender issues, gender equality and mainstreaming, acquiring skills and knowledge on how to better portray gender issues in the media, improving skills in reporting activities on various media.

There were participative workshops on how to prepare successful projects and networking sessions where participants could share their experience in different projects and start discussing new cooperation projects.

The event was jointly organized by Organization for Advancement of Alternative Programs /Prizren and Youth Workers Alliance /Vranje.

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