Mobility Plan of the project – Gender Through the Screen

The project is a set of 4 activities that shall entail a professional, highly motivating learning space and involvement for all participants. Clear educational objectives are set for each event and the pedagogical approach has been carefully planned with the input of the experts of each partner association.

Activity 1 – Kickoff Meeting

Project implementation plan, Swot Analysis, Project Management. Meeting would follow definition of the base elements for the project and other project planning activities.

 Aim: Planning of activities, coordination of partner organisations on how to coordinate, select participants, prepare participants, disseminate project results, implement activities, evaluate project and organize follow up activities.

Each partner shall send 2 coordinators/staff directly involved in implementation of the project.

3 Days activity to be organised in Skopje, R.Macedonia.

Activity 2 – Training for youth workers

Why is gender still an issue and how does media influence the gender roles in society.

 Aim: Train youth workers, staff and activists of partner organisations on how to ethically analyse, and report gender issues in media through promotion of gender equality as a fundamental human right.

Each partner shall send 3 participants aged 18-35 years old.

7 Days activity to be organised in Durres, Albania

Activity 3 -Youth Exchange “Gender positive”

Engaging young people in gender equality through the use of social media channels and while raising their advocacy skills for positive gender images.

AIM: Raise the awareness of young people about gender issues as screened in the media and encourage them to act as advocates of equality while using the various media channels.

Each partner shall send 4 participants +1 Group Leader, aged 18-25 years old. 8 days activity.

Venue: Prizren, Kosovo

Activity 4 – Seminar

The importance of gender issues as seen on mass media. How can youth workers influence the portrayal by influencing media reporting?

AIM: Foster the active involvement of youth workers of any filed to address gender issues and gender equality related to media.

Partners: Each partner shall send 3 participants aged 18-35 years old. 6 days activity

Venue: Vranje, Serbia


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