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Kirill From Hungary
Projects within EU and neighbor countries serve to aim of uniting people of different nations, religions and political views. It’s a best way to make participants aware of challenges that modern society faces, and prevent any kind of conflicts between Europeans.
Kaili From Estonia
When I studied to be a teacher and saw multiculturalism in school systems and globally, then project “Gender through the screen” has gave me new knowledge through other participants thought and culture background. I have learned new fun and nice energizers. I advise everyone to participate in Erasmus+ projects.
Silvia From  Albania
This project is one of the most interesting activities I have participating in. I met new people and had the chance to learn more on other cultures, to break some stereotypes I had in my head. I learned how to listen, I improved my communicative skills and made new friends and got contacts for future project. I was really surprised to listen to what other people from different backgrounds and different cultures as well, think on gender issues and what can we do to improve ourselves and our communities.
Anja From Serbia
This project has been a great opportunity for many of us including myself to learn, shear experience and reflect. All of us brought our unique cultures and values here with us but also many things we have in common brought us closer together.
Kanita From Montenegro
As someone who lives in a patriarchal society, i must say that opportunities that Erasmus+ Program gives are really important for me. When it comes to gender equality we can say that it's a huge problem in almost every country in the world, even though it's 21st century. Learning about other people’s culture and the way that they fight for GE (gender equality) creates a special and unique bond between those who are ready to fight for basic human rights. Trainings and courses like this are very important for nurturing intercultural relationships and developing open mind-set. I encourage people to join the Erasmus+ Program if they are interested in youth work, non-formal education and if they are devoted to their communities.
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